Do you wonder why this properties have increased their occupation? 

To get more visist and bookings it's essential to work with external agencies.

Having done a survey to the owners which propertie's ocupattion is over 50%, we have been able to check that almost an 80% of this owners are working with agencies.

The million dollar question: How am I going to pay a 20% fee if my renting price is already very tight?

It's easy, and I´ll show you:

Let´s say that you propertie gives you 100€ per night. Because you are working by your own, you only manage to get the house booked 60 days per year, which gives you 6000€ profit per year.

Now, if you work with an agency, your propertie will be booked 180 days per year, after paying the 20% to the agency, you'll still get a 14400€ profit  per year.

Not bad... is it?

Also, not only the quantity of customers is important, but the quality of them.

As you may have noticed, not every house makes it to our website. Every new propertie goes through different filters that need to be passed before showing the propertie in the website.

We, at have large list of customers ready to start booking!