1º Your house on our website is advertised Free ...

It's Free ..., Insert your accommodation and we position it at no cost to you, you just have to register your home with all the details and the maximum possible information and upload photographs with quality of your home, we take care of rest.
You contact directly with our personal zone agent, this person lives in your same city and is in charge of visiting and knowing all the accommodations in your province, in this way we can offer quality and truthful information, since at all times your Personal agent will know what he is talking about; something essential to explain to the client how is your accommodation, in this way the degree of satisfaction for good information increases considerably, something completely necessary for the realization of a rental, which ultimately is the purpose of all parties.
Once the reservation of your accommodation has been closed, the commission for the rental is 20% of the total, (VAT included). This advance is the reserve and at the same time, that amount is deposited as payment of the commission, remaining pending upon arrival at home the remaining 80% of the payment that is what you receive as owner, if you decide that the tenant must pay a higher percentage for reservation (30, 40 or 50% of the total), proceed in the same way and the difference will transfer your account.

2º Web with exchange of 5 different languages ​​..

The translation system of our website, is a reference when offering a fast and effective security in the same language of the future tenant, that gives added peace of mind, therefore, this is one of the reasons that make www. a very complete website both in products and in quality information in any of the languages ​​established for it.
Many of the potential clients leave before they start to see any accommodation, precisely because they do not understand the language in which the house is described, the conditions or the description of the accommodation.

3º Most important, the human and direct treatment ...

Internet is full of websites and portals that charge you to insert your home without worrying if it receives or not visits and much less if you receive customers, is a website where human treatment is present, you speak directly with our personal agent of zone, this person is in charge of having your house advertised in your province, you are interested ..., and he, too, each client that you have, will be an achievement for our agent.
On the other hand, if the person who speaks directly with the prospective tenant knows the product well, that is to say his house, he has many more possibilities of renting, that is efficiency.

4º Much information about your accommodation, the client demands it ...

In this world we live in, the more information you provide about your product, the easier it is for the customer to choose; it is not the same to see a house that, briefly gives you the basic data of it, to enter a web where there is information of all kinds about that property, even the one that is not necessary, but it would help in case of rent, that , that is what anyone really looks for, to have the most complete information of what they are going to rent.

5º Good selection of clients ...

All our agents are prepared to determine if the type of tenant that calls or sends an email, may or may not be "complicated", usually when we receive calls continuously we can more or less accurately determine the type of client that is, we can also do it when receiving an email requesting information, the way of writing tells us a lot about the type of person who contacts us, that does not mean we can make mistakes, but if it is true that the percentage of accuracy regarding the quality of our tenants is very high.
We are not perfect, but we strive to do our best.

6º Comment system for each accommodation ...

On the website of each house, the tenant has a section to leave a comment about their stay, this means, apart from better positioning the accommodation in the Internet's most efficient search engine, give future tenants (in the largest part of the cases), a very close and realistic idea of what is to be found and the treatment received.
Although it may seem that this is a double-edged sword, the truth is that it is proven that it works as a push for the owners to improve their accommodations and for tenants to choose their next vacation spot more quickly.

7º If a reservation is canceled, what happens?

According to the general policy of cancellations, a reservation can be canceled 40 days in advance without cost to the client so the data of both parties are not sent until a week before arrival at the accommodation, in any case it is essential that any cancellation is done through email so that this is proof of the data and the date of sending, no reservation will be canceled by telephone.
In any case, once a reservation is confirmed, an email is sent to both parties, to the owner to notify them and to take note in their particular calendar, and to the tenant to confirm their reservation.
Also if the owner reserves a date, you must send us an email to reservas (at) placing the data of your house and the dates you want to block in order to keep the web calendar updated, you can also do so via SMS or Whatsapp.
If the client cancels a reservation, the current cancellation policy will apply and, assuming that the cancellation is made less than 7 days after arrival, (where the amount delivered as a reservation is not returned) the distribution in the Same conditions as the rent, (20% for us and 80% for you).

8º Overall Summary

To receive visits and reservations, it is essential that you work with operators and / or reservation centers.
If you are determined to generate more reservations and believe that your accommodation needs a change of scenery, contact our agent in the province where your accommodation is located or, failing that, with me directly.
You can HOST your accommodation from this link.

Note: Due to the type of clients that visit us and trust our accommodations, it is necessary to clarify that not all accommodations are valid, as you may have seen if you have previously viewed the website and its properties, they have a quality in terms of construction recent, conditioning of the same, careful decoration, (something personal in some cases) and ultimately complying with all regulations in terms of safety and comfort, so we will personally review the photographs and characteristics of your property before proceeding to the activation of your accommodation in our system.

If you need any clarification about something in particular, do not hesitate to contact us:

For any questions please contact Miguel Ratón, Telephone: +34618585555