1º Why book with turismodecalidad.com?

For convenience: Without leaving the chair you can leave your holiday reservation closed with the confirmation of said reservation in your mailbox in less than five minutes.
For security: The trust placed by our guests (some of them become friends) since 2007 is our guarantee.
For quality: The quality of our accommodations ensures a quiet stay and no surprises in your vacation.

2º Are the calendars on this website reliable?

98% of the calendars are updated directly by us and practically done at the time of booking.
The remaining 2% do the owners (sometimes these calendars are updated every 48 or 72 hours).

3º The information is very complete but ... what if I have any doubts?

For this there is a direct contact telephone number with us on the mobile 618585555, in addition to having a form on the right "CONTACT THE OWNER" in each accommodation and the telephone number of the agent that appears in each house.

4º Are pets welcome?

That depends on each accommodation, you can see in the section of the characteristics of each house, in some of them if they are admitted but under conditions.

5º Can you do night parties or farewell parties?

Evening parties in our homes are completely forbidden, since, although they are independent houses, there are nearby accommodations that can be disturbed and not allowing parties with loud music avoid bothering anyone (you would not like to see neighbors coming to bother at weekend, right?), anyway on the web there are some accommodations that offer that option (that takes a separate cost).

6º Do children pay? And how old are babies?

To make the stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible in all respects, the number of people must be according to the maximum capacity established for each house, that is why the maximum number of places is computed with all people, including children older than 3 years, up to that age are considered babies and these places would not be charged, moreover, in some house there is a cradle for its use, usually without cost but it is better to consult it and in some other the age of the admitted babies as such it is 12 months maximum.

7º What are the entry and exit times ?, and where are the keys collected?

The usual official schedules in rural tourism are:
Entry or Check-in, starting at 4:00 p.m.
Departure or Check-out, before 12:00 hours.

These schedules can be changed at the convenience of the owner and tenant, depending on whether or not there are other guests leaving or scheduled entry on the same day, normally these times are mandatory in high season, either summer (houses with pool) or national holidays or bridges, but in any case there is enough flexibility throughout the year, it is convenient to talk in advance so there are no doubts and of course to specify the time and place for the collection of keys.

8º Can I invite my friends to the accommodation?

As in other occasions in the characteristics of each house it appears if visits are allowed or not, but even if they are, the owner must be warned of such visit and of course what is not allowed is the overnight stay, so if it happens, the owner can evict all the tenants for breach of contract, that is why they must review all the conditions of each accommodation and use common sense (if we pay a house for four people, we must stay at least four).

9º Can more people enter the maximum capacity of the house?

No, the maximum capacity is marked in the section of the characteristics, where it indicates it, in some occasions that capacity is with extra beds (it has a separate cost), but it is always the maximum.

10º How do I make a reservation?

There are two ways to make a reservation:
1. Telephone or by email, confirming your data to our contact staff and making a transfer or deposit of a percentage of the total price, as a reservation to an account number that is given by phone or email, this percentage may vary depending on of accommodation, but as a rule it ranges between 20% and 30%.

2. Through online booking, this system is implemented in almost all the accommodations we offer, it has three payment methods:

Through credit card, Paypal payment system or by bank transfer (in the first two cases the system itself sends you a confirmation email at the time the reservation has been accepted), in the form of bank transfer it is I would send a confirmation email once we have verified the payment in the bank account.

11º If I cancel a reservation, what expenses do I have?

In the section of prices of each house are the general conditions of rent and in the lower area is the general policy of cancellations, however it is essential that any cancellation is done through email so that this is proof of the data and the date of shipment, no reservation will be canceled by telephone.
All cancellations must be made in writing to reservations (arroba) turismodecalidad.com placing the data that was given to make it or through the web with your username and password.

12º Is there any insurance that covers cancellations and / or problems in my vacations?

All accommodations have a mandatory civil liability insurance, but apart, we have an agreement with the insurer that for very little money covers the possible cancellation of a reservation due to illness or other problem and can also cover any accident of all tenants ( download particular insurance conditions).
If you want you can check what it costs you peace of mind for your vacation, see cost of cancellation insurance.

13º Do I have to take sheets or towels?

Normally all houses have 1 set of sheets and towels per person, but there is some accommodation that does not place towels, it is specified in each house.