Summer activities enjoy in a rural house

Jul 29, 2019

With the arrival of summer the demand for rural houses increases. It is an opportunity to spend a weekend with friends or family while enjoying an environment where there may be a pool and even a barbecue. But, without a doubt, something that makes them especially attractive is the wide range of activities for the summer.

Going to a rural house is an option full of opportunities in summer. Depending on the rural house we choose we will find different offers of activities. Let's look at some of them and where we can enjoy them.

Fishing and canoeing

If we planned to spend a vacation in Cádiz, we will find two star activities: fishing and canoeing. All this in a natural environment where we can enjoy refreshing baths on the beaches of crystal clear water.

Mountain Sports

In the event that we love mountain sports and have thought about spending our holidays in Cádiz, in Bologna we will find this opportunity. We can do climbing and, if we take our own mountain bike, enjoy all the marked trails. Also, there is the possibility of venturing into some caves there and performing activities such as paragliding.

Guided horse riding

Málaga and Cádiz are an ideal destination if what we are looking for is to enjoy breathtaking landscapes full of nature. Here we can go horse riding through a place full of peace and tranquility.

Hiking and mycology

If we are looking for a different activity because we are true lovers of the study of fungi and we like to know them thoroughly we can not miss that option too. Along with this, we will be able to make routes and excursions in the middle of nature at the same time that we acquire greater knowledge about fungi.

Photography and safari

In order to enjoy a safari, in addition to practicing our great passion such as photography, it is not necessary to leave Cádiz, Mçalaga or Jaén. In the capital of the Costa del Sol we find great landscapes and routes.

Canoe descents and archaeological tourism

Another option is to perform archaeological tourism. If we are passionate about these activities, it is also a very good option to do it in summer.

The offer of activities for the summer in the rural houses is different depending on the place. Therefore, it is important to choose the destination that offers something that really appeals to us. Despite the options mentioned there are many more. What summer activities offer will we look to choose our vacation?