8 reasons to do rural tourism

Aug 8, 2019

That the way of doing tourism has changed a lot in the last decade is no secret; More and more travelers forget about mass tourism and great attractions and bet instead on charming cottages, homemade food and get to know the lifestyle of the inhabitants of a town. A tourism without additives that enjoys things as they are. But in addition, betting on rural tourism is to favor the growth of small family businesses, fleeing from large hotel companies that offer more than low wages. A plus? In many of these establishments there may not even be coverage! If this is not enough for you to make your reservation, here are some more reasons to make a rural getaway, you will see how they convince you!

1. Direct contact with nature

This is the star reason why thousands of visitors decide to book a weekend in the countryside because the city life and its complications prevent us from enjoying the authentic, the place where it all started. Because, how long have you not hugged a tree, enjoy the flow of the waters of a trout river or listen to the silence?

2. Sports and outdoor activities

There are so many activities that can be practiced in the rural environment that we would need several pages to propose them. In return we encourage you to google these new tourist trends and choose an accommodation in the countryside that suits your tastes and preferences: geotourism, astrotourism, troglodyte tourism, agritourism, experiential tourism, creative, cultural, wellness tourism, culinary tourism ...

3. Enjoy the local raw material

We are referring of course to the possibility of acquiring manufactures or enjoying a homemade meal where the raw material is once authentically local. Because a merino wool poncho raised in the environment or a scramble made with farm eggs are an added value for themselves.

4. Variety of natural destinations

This is another of the main advantages of renting a house in the countryside or accommodation in the countryside: the wide variety of rural destinations that can be found. Whether you are more in the countryside or more on the beach, natural destinations offer you to stay in the mountains, near a river, in an area of ​​good celestial visibility or even in a cave rehabilitated as a small hotel near a snow track, you choose !

5. Personalized attention

Checking through a machine in the hotel hall is very good on a business trip, but in the countryside we can enjoy the advice and pampering of the owners of the accommodation, a luxury in these times of rush and of stress

6. The perfect romantic getaway

Who has not ever dreamed of going to a cabin or a cottage with a fireplace for a weekend? This can be done today for much less than expected and with all the comforts desired. Gone are the rural houses with little care or outside services to have that special detail that can be expected when they know that a newly married couple will be staying.

7. Everything ready for children and pets

If you are one of those who do not travel without your best friend, you are in luck because today there are few rural accommodations that do not allow a pet to be brought and if there are children in the house, you would like to know that many country houses have Welcome gifts, babysitting services, outdoor activities and many more attractions designed for children to enjoy the natural environment.

8. Great offers of cheap rural houses

Do not stay home again for a weekend because you have no money to pay for your rural accommodation : because to enjoy a good country house.

You know, if you dream of sleeping like a baby and unlike on a business trip what you are looking for is that your house in the countryside does not have Wi-Fi available, we help you find the most remote rural accommodation of the worldly noise you imagine. Use the search engine or call us, we will surely satisfy your wishes!