5 Hiking Trails in Jaén

Sep 10, 2019

Many of our visitors do not know the province of Jaén. Surely, it will be for lack of information because if we talk about nature, the Andalusian province has immense places that you have to know first hand, they will leave you stunned!

If you are a nature lover and you also like to exercise, do not hesitate! You have to know the province of Jienense. That you still have doubts? If so, in this post we will talk about some of the best hiking trails in Jaén.

From the immeasurable Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, to Despeñaperros or the Sierra de Andújar, to name a few, there are many incredible hiking trails, where you can discover places that exceed all expectations.

If you want to spend a few days knowing all these places, we recommend you do it in a rural accommodation, in the middle of nature. Therefore, here we recommend rural houses in Jaén.

1. Borosa River Trail

Despite not holding the title of National Park, Natural Park of the Sierras de Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas, it is one of the most spectacular natural areas in the entire peninsula. In fact, it is the largest natural space in our country and the second in Europe, where you will find places of great beauty. How could it be otherwise, some of the best hiking trails in Jaén pass through this area, where you can observe nature at its best.

Without going any further, it was the favorite destination of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente himself to observe wildlife. Similarly, another attraction lies in its many rivers, which draw small waterfalls and pools of seductive colors. Precisely, the first hiking route we are going to talk about is a reference within the Sierra de Cazorla for these ingredients.

This is the Borosa River Trail, a route that runs through beautiful pools and waterfalls, along the river. In addition, it stands out on the walkways around the river and the color of its waters, a unique turquoise color. The route starts from a marked parking lot, which we recommend arriving very early, next to the fish farm.

Following the course of the Borosa River, you pass through a forest path, then arrive at La Cerrada de Elías, where the river narrows and the path passes through a cantilever walkway, until you reach the waterfall of the Salto de los Órganos and then to the small Laguna de Aguas Negras, where the river itself is born. A beautiful route that, yes, is very extensive. Between round trips, the journey exceeds 20 km and can be done in just under 6 hours. A perfect route to spend the day, yes, well prepared!

2. Route of the Despeñaperros Bodies

Located in the north of the province, another of the natural areas of greatest interest for nature lovers is the Despeñaperros Natural Park. Despite its small size, this area has many corners that are worth discovering, with crossings through its ravines, canyons and faults that you will love, perfect for doing different hiking trails.

Some of the most recognized routes are the Empedraillo Trail or the Valdeazores Ravine. We recommend losing you through this natural park and getting to know them all, they will surprise you!

In order that you can know most of its beautiful places, the route that we invite you to travel passes through the canyons of Valdeazores and the Mist, the most impressive main gorges of the natural park, as well as the organs, a natural monument constituted by huge rock columns.

The route starts from the Valdeazores stream, following its course, crossing a chestnut road, to continue along the Collado de los Tubos, bordering the Cerro de los Órganos, towards the Barranco de la Niebla, to finally return to the starting point. Along the way, you can enjoy several viewpoints to contemplate the whole environment. It should be noted that this route, due to the steep terrain, is not suitable for beginners in hiking, better to do it with experience! The route, in total, is almost 12 km and can be done in about 4 hours.

3. Route of the Natural Park of the Sierra de Andújar

Jaén is full of numerous natural areas of great interest, as you can see. Another place, where the nature of the Sierra Morena is magnificently displayed, is the Natural Park of the Sierra de Andújar. One of the best examples of its allomated landscape, characterized by the transition between the meadows and the Mediterranean mountain, where the presence of holm oak and cork oaks stands out, as well as bowling, different forms of granite rock.

If you decide to visit it, keep in mind that it has to be done with the utmost respect for its surroundings. This is a place of great wildlife interest, where many endangered animals, such as the Iberian lynx, seek refuge. It is necessary to preserve it!

The hiking route that we propose in this natural space serves to know these landscapes, as well as one of the most recognized rivers in the area, such as the Jándula River. This route starts from the Encinarejo recreational area, a place where it is easy to see different animals, such as deer. The route, following the riverbank, reaches the tail of the Encinarejo Reservoir, on a pleasant excursion, and then returns to the recreational area.

This road is very enjoyable, given the existing fauna and the surrounding landscape, but best of all, it does not require a great demand. In total, the itinerary is just over 7 km and can be done in about three hours, so it is perfect for children.

4. Trail of the Chorreras

While it is true that we have seen different hiking trails in known places in Jaén, there are other natural areas that many people do not know - especially foreign;) - and that are ideal for a hiking trail. Now, we move towards the Sierra Sur jienense, in Valdepeñas de Jaén.

Here, the Susana River winds and makes different waterfalls, between trees that arise in all directions, covering the entire space and giving it a magical touch, as if taken from a fairy tale. It is the Natural Site of Las Chorreras, one of the hidden wonders of Jaén.

You can get to know this place without leaving Valdepeñas de Jaén, in a quiet and beautiful walk that does not reach 2 km and ends when you reach the Vadillo river, in a unique waterfall. Now, if you want to get to know the entire Sierra Sur a little better, we recommend you continue and explore its olive groves around the hills of Las Quebradas and Monte de las Ánimas, to return to Valdepeñas on the Cerro de los Cotos.

This circular itinerary is just over 9 km and can be done in 3 hours, although its high slope makes this route is designed for people with some experience. A route where you can enjoy this jewel of nature, and also a stunning landscape!

5. Route of the Natural Site of La Cimbarra

Very close to the Despeñaperros Natural Park, just 10 km away, we can find another one of the most wonderful places in the Sierra Morena, where a huge fault emerges that surprises everyone who visits it. This is the Natural Site of the Cimbarra Waterfall, an area of ​​steep relief where the Guarrizas River is encased and performs various jumps and waterfalls.

This place is not only interesting for waterfalls, it is also interesting for its natural and cultural heritage. Thus, it is a space in which to be able to see animals like deer or gineta in freedom, within a natural environment where the Mediterranean forest stands out. But also, in this space we can find Neolithic cave paintings, which have been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

The itinerary that we propose to discover this natural site and some of its impressive waterfalls starts from the recreational area of ​​the Martín Pérez Creek. Following the course of the stream, the first of the waterfalls that you can know is that of Cimbarrillo. You can follow the course and then turn right to see the Negrillo, then return to the original path and head towards the Cimbarra.

Before arriving, you have two viewpoints where you can observe this majestic 40-meter waterfall. The length of this hiking trail is just over 7 km. Of course, on a fairly steep terrain, so some experience is needed. In total, it can be done in a little more than 3 hours, surely you love it!

As you can see, in Jaén there are different really wonderful hiking trails, so get ready now and plan a multi-day getaway through this beautiful region.